Bear’s Travels

Bear and I walk a lot! Where I go, he goes, and we like to head all over town. He is a patient boy, but he knows he get’s treats at all these places too! Life is good when you have a friend like Bear.

Smart Bear!

smartbear        photo-7 Bear’s friend Buddy at the cabin – Nonee’s baby


Mickey’s   24×24 Acrylic

Black Dog

Black Dog Cafe  – 24×24 Acrylic


Nina’s – 24×24 Acrylic

bear wall

Art Crawl 2013

Handsome Bear!!

handspme bearie


2 thoughts on “Bear’s Travels

    1. I am so glad you love it! It is a favorite place mine and Bear. It has not sold, but is hanging at another location. If you are still interested, please email me and you can see it in person. Thanks again for the lovely post!

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