Teeny Weenies – Miniature Paintings

These are from my day with sweet Mary, Bear and Christmas on Aug 8th. I used oil paints, which I shy away from, but I really loved using them in the pleine aire. The oil keeps the wind and sun elements at bay. I totally loved this wonderful day in my life!

teeny 002

I love birch trees with their slender height and beautiful paper bark.

Birch Sentries 4×4 Oil

teeny 004

This cabin has always been a safe haven for me. I grew up here in the summers and I love that Bear enjoys it so much too.

After a Swim 4×4 Oil

teeny 005

I love when I am out on the lake and see the bright red of the cabin calling me home.

Little Red Cabin 3×3 Oil

teeny 003

I get kind of melancholy when you see a boat that gave such pleasure to a family forced to rot away in the woods and stare out forever at the lake that he loved to sail. At least now, he is a shelter for all the small creatures of the woods.

Forgotten Friend 3×3 Oil

teeneyweenie 002

Water lilies are magical bursts of color on a lake. We only have this small stand of them that have anchored off the right of the dock. The bass love to hide in the midst of them.

Water Lilies 3×3 Oil

teeneyweenie 004

This boat sits waiting patiently counting down the days until the family comes for the weekend and the fun begins. The heron couple keep it company during the week, resting on top of the green awning.

Waiting for the Weekend 3×3 Oil



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