Summer Painting Time!

Summer vacation has come and this is the time of year that I can immerse myself into my painting. Mary and I have been to Minnehaha Falls a couple of times and I have been working in the studio between rain drops. Here are a couple of new paintings:



Minnehaha Falls


Water Lilies



Art crawl Weekend! Great turnout and the pillows were a hit. I loved meeting so many new art patrons, and greeting old friends. A wonderful weekend all in all!

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AZ gallery and Saints baseball come together!  I loved being a part of this.  This is:

Mudonna, the Artist!

""Mudonna the Artist," by Amy Clark" Saint_Paul_Pioneer_Press_20140425_C01_0  teacher'sheartTeacher’s Heart 1779105_714774675240375_1012654358_nMoonlight on Superior 1794725_714774688573707_1079788236_n We had a spectacular opening at the AZ gallery last night for our 50 Shades of Red Show. Brilliant art, people, food, and music. I love meeting new people and celebrating their art. The show runs to the end of February.  http://www.AZgallery.org . Thank you for visiting my site and perusing my art and creative endeavors. I hope you see something you like! Amy ps. check out my teacher blog, http://mrsclarkclassroom.wordpress.com/ Amypainting-006-1 Artist Bio from the AZ Gallery Amy Leahy Clark, a resident of Macalester Groveland, teacher at Saint Peter Claver Catholic School and parishioner of Holy Spirit Church. Amy enjoys creating a variety of paintings, murals, and garden designs. Much like her personality, Amy’s art is bright, positive and energizing. As a teacher, Amy’s incredible energy and enthusiasm is contagious to her students. She has enjoyed many highlights in her professional art career to date. Extreme Makeover Home Show, which featured Minnesota, asked Amy to paint a 4X6 painting for the 100th show. The painting is an integral part of the made over house. Amy has had shows around the Twin Cities area including: St Joseph’s Hospital, Dunn Brothers, Café Latte, Saint Catherine, Minnesota Humane Society, Metropolitan University, 621 Gallery Peace and the Arts Juried Exhibition and at the Minnesota State Fair. She has served for five years as the curator for the St. Paul Elementary School Winter Carnival Art show and created the juried show for adults for the Saint Paul Winter carnival. A member of the AZ Gallery in Saint Paul Lowertown, Amy’s shows at the gallery include Solo Shows, Recycle Group, artistic Whimsy Series, Art Crawl, Winter Carnival, Lowertown, and an exhibition at the Black Dog Coffee and Wine Bar.  Amy has also shown at Altered Esthetics, Metropolitan State University, and the Minnesota State Fair. Amy has created art for St. Peter Claver, the University of Minnesota, US Bank, Shea Architects, Inc., Skinner’s Restaurant, the Convent of the Visitation, and many other private parties. A strong believer in giving back, Amy volunteers her talents in numerous ways to benefit the community. Recently, she published a book of prayer and artwork created by St. Peter Claver students titled, “God Has Muscles so He can Give Us Some Good Hugs,” which was instrumental in raising funds to benefit the school. She had 2 essays chosen for publication in the 2013 and 2014 Saint Paul Almanac. Amy began and coaches the St. Peter Claver track team and volleyball team. In addition, she created a drum team and art clubs, teaches art, computer, film studies and was the after-school coordinator for grades K-8 at St. Peter Claver Catholic School. She was awarded a Certificate of Recognition from the City of Saint Paul and Mayor Coleman for her commitment and dedication to teaching, and Saint Peter Claver Catholic School.  Amy has created sets for plays at both St. Peter Claver and Holy Spirit Grade Schools, has participated in art projects for the Boy Scouts and is a leader of the Women of Holy Spirit and sings in their contemporary choir. Amy is a graduate of Nativity Grade School, Visitation High School, Brown College and Metropolitan State University.

18 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hi Amy,
    It’s taken me some time to get back to my list from the St. Paul Art Crawl and I wanted to be sure to keep in touch.
    When we met at the Art Crawl, we chatted and I wanted to say thank you for your time and sharing ideas with me. I gave you my Treefrog card.

    I mentioned that a group of us were trying to form an artist group to meet about once every 6 weeks.
    We’re aiming for Thursday evening, Nov. 14. from 6pm – 8pm (plus or minus) at J & S Bean Factory http://jsbeanfactory.com/ on Randolph Ave. near Snelling.
    They sell soup and coffee and cookie-type stuff and they are not annoyed if people bring in some food of their own.
    Please, keep in touch and we hope to see you there!

    Deb Olander

  2. Hello. I was in Minneapolis on 10/25 and found your painting of the St. Paul cathedral at A to Z. As you likely know, when I tried to purchase it and they were wrapping it, the damp paint was smeared. They were going to see if you could fix it and I would still be interested in purchasing it. Please let me know if this is possible. Thank you. Wonderful work.

    1. Hi Kate – Thank you for your kind words and I am thrilled that you enjoy my Cathedral morning. It is a favorite place of mine in Saint Paul.
      Robyn contacted me and I retouched it, and it is drying now. It will be available the weekend of Nov 22-24 if you would still like to purchase it.
      Thank you!

  3. Hi Amy. I was in the A to Z gallery last month and really enjoyed your painting of Nye’s bar and was hoping to purchase one of them. I had went back today but found the exhibits on display had changed for the month so they provided me with your card so I could contact you direct about it. They did still have one of your miniatures but I was looking for one that is a little bigger. Please let me know where I can find one. Thanks!

    1. Hi Kealan – Thank you for coming back to the gallery. I love going to Nye’s and am glad you love the heart of Northeast!

      I still have a 5×5″ on an easel and a framed 18×24″. Is either one of these what you had in mind?
      Thank you, Amy

      1. Amy,

        Yes, Nye’s is truly the heart of the Northeast! I believe the 5×5 on an easel is exactly what I was looking for, although I wouldn’t mind seeing the other to compare. What is the price on the 5×5 and could we arrange for me to pick it up?


      2. Kealan, The price is $45 and it is in the gift shop at the AZ gallery 308 Prince Street. I can set it aside for you, and have it at the front desk. I will bring the other down too, so you can look at it.
        The gallery is opened Thursday & Friday 5-8pm, Saturday & Sunday 9-3pm.
        Thank you for supporting the arts and enjoying my art,

  4. Great to see your new work at AZ Gallery today! Love the Minnehaha Falls piece. Your Landmark Center painting still hangs in our living room and garners lots of compliments.

  5. At the Lowertown art festival I looked at your art for children, but I don’t see any on your site. Is it available? Where? Thanks!

    1. Hi Laura and yes, they are at the AZ Gallery. I have been a member of the AZ co-operative for 16 years. I know I should get them on my website! I am also a full time Montessori teacher and the hours in the day run away from me always! Please let me know what I can do to assist you and thank you for the time you took to look for my children’s art! This has made my day because the children’s art holds a very special place in my heart! Thank you! Amy

  6. Hi Amy,

    It’s Catie, I was one of your students at St. Peter Claver. I am not sure if you remember me but I also painted with you at the AZ Gallery a couple times.

    I am currently applying to an art college and was hoping that you could provide me with some advice and possibly a letter of recommendation.


      1. Sorry for the late response, I thought I was going to get an email when you replied.

        Ah, I haven’t really been up to much. I originally planned on being a software engineer, and took classes at Metro state for a while. I got really into comics and realized that was the route I wanted to take instead. I am applying to MCAD, for next fall.

  7. Hi Amy,

    Not sure if you missed my last message, but
    I haven’t really been up to much other than working on my portfolio. I originally planned on being a software engineer, and took classes at Metro state for a while. I got really into comics and realized that was the route I wanted to take instead. I am applying to MCAD, for next fall.

    I apologize for messaging late last time!

    You can contact me at catherinejutz@gmail.com

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