Saint Paul Art Crawl Fall 2017!!!!!

So sorry I have not been up to date, but life has a way of one taking care of others when you need to, and not being so self-absorbed about one’s life and art when one is needed elsewhere. I am all about reading and living the life of my youngin’s at my school, so my art right now reflects those ideas. Read to your kids! Life would have every problem solved if young children had the attention they need at the beginning of their lives. There has never been a serial killer with a happy childhood.  I was devastated after Las Vegas, but even before that, I have felt a profound sadness. So, I decided to paint what I love and OMG! It has been a great source of happiness and people wanting to be a part of it. I am going to continue on in this vein of life. I hope you will visit next weekend and see more life of love and happiness! XXOO Amy

reading bunnies


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