IN YOUR ELEMENT: Natural Heritage Project

Excited to be a part of this show: Natural Heritage Project: In Your Element

The premise: Warning, this is no ordinary exhibition. Each artist selected to participate will be provided with unique GPS coordinates and asked to commit to one hour immersed in the assigned environment (don’t worry, you will have an opportunity to let us know your preferred method of transport and we will find the perfect coordinates just for you). 

Such a cool call for an art adventure. I thought, I’m going to do this!!! I loved the sense of mystery and the randomness of the GPS coordinates; I had no idea where I was going. My husband and I packed up the car and followed the coordinates across Minnesota. I was excited as we got nearer and passed Saint Cloud, my curiosity was building. I was so surprised that my site turned out to be a bog! I use to hate bogs, but this was beautiful. It was the St Wendel Tamarack Bog, here is a link to more information about the site: St Wendel . From my childhood memories at Camp Ojiketa, bogs were smelly and bug filled, this was enchanting and mesmerizing with the layers of flora. Now after painting there, I have adjusted my attitude and opened my eyes to the beauty of bogs.

I visited twice and was so entranced by the solitude, the quiet moments of lone birds singing their beautiful songs, and the random animal encounters. The encounters I enjoyed, because they met my intrusiveness into their habitat full on with their dominant personalities, “Excuse me! (I’m a bug, a vole, a bird, a dog) I have this is my territory and I have business here that I am engaged in, please move aside!” I was the outsider that had to be a guest in their home. They allowed me to paint their sanctuary and I loved what I captured. St Wendel is a place of beauty and unexpected beauty, please take an adventure and visit!




  • Hudson Hospital & Clinic (map)

Join us to view original works by artists tasked with exploring and observing nature within an assigned environment. Perhaps a beaver pond in William O’Brien State Park or the Light Rail on the corner of Snelling and University Avenue. No matter where they are sent, they will create a piece based on their recollection of the time spent within it, providing us clues to their surroundings. Along with each piece listen to audio directly from the artists as they speak about their experience and divulge their location.


Katy Dika – Providence, Rhode Island

Amy Clark – Saint Paul, Minnesota

Terra Rathai – Minneapolis, Minnesota

Laura Ahola-Young – Pocatello, Idaho

Nicholas Klofkorn – Minneapolis, Minnesota

Kristie Kaiser Frudden – Mahtomedi, Minnesota

Deanna Grigus – Hudson, Wisconsin

Kay Raabe – Saint Paul, Minnesota

Kristin Maija Peterson – Eagan, Minnesota

Cena O’Brien – Minneapolis, Minnesota

Mary Beth Garrigan – Saint Paul, Minnesota

Susanna Gaunt – Duluth, Minnesota

Madeleine Althoff – Stillwater, Minnesota

David Andree – Fayetteville, Arkansas

Britta Anderson – Minneapolis, Minnesota

Stefanie Kiihn – Roseville, Minnesota



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