To me, July means living in the great outdoors. I have been riding my bike, swimming in pools and the many lakes, and golfing. I may play a horrible game of golf, but I love the courses and their beauty.

These paintings are from my travels in the great outdoors during July. They can be seen hanging in the AZ Gallery ( in  Lowertown, Saint Paul during August. They will be hanging in the members area in the back of the gallery.

My talented friend, Beth Stoneberg, has the main gallery for a show entitled, Woodgrain Celebrating Birch II. The show runs from Aug 1st-Sept 1st.  Her show opening is Saturday, August 3rd from 5-10 pm.

Please come see her beautiful works!


These are some of my new work:

JULY 30 003

Almost – Acrylic  18×24

JULY 30 005

On the Bay – Acrylic 18×24

JULY 30 2 003

Morning Woods – Acrylic 12×24

JULY 30 2 005

Sixth Hole – Acrylic 18×24


Close-up of 6th Hole


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