Cabin Pleine Aire Painting with Mary!

I got up at 4:30, packed the car, got Bear in , and went to get Mary. We had an easy drive up to the cabin, and we arrived to a brilliant morning! Beautiful, crisp cool weather, with a dazzling sun. We walked, painted, read, played with dogs, and painted lots!!!

You always have to wear one of Grandma’s hats when the deer flies are out. They keep the bugs out, and are a fashion plus on the lake!

Thanks Nonee and Louise for an awesome day at the greatest cabin on Webb Lake!!

cabin aug seventh 027

Bear supervising painting on the dock

A simply wonderful day, with a wonderful friend and 2 great dogs!

cabin aug seventh 029

Bear and Mary enjoying the sunshine

cabin aug seventh 032Painting gear and teenie weenie paintings that were so fun to make

cabin aug seventh 031Bear waiting for Mary to come on down to the lake


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